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Newsletter, April 2013 (Issue 191)

Shorts of All Sorts

The population of Ipswich as recorded in last year's census was 138,000 - although within the 'A14/A12 box' it is nearer 155,000. Rather more than some think. How many not listed?

The New Wolsey Theatre has been awarded £420,000 by the Arts Council, to be used for a backstage lift, a technical teaching workshop and improving heating and washroom facilities.

Royal Mail- the future of the sorting office in Commercial Road is still unclear at the time of writing. IBC owns the present building and is doing its best to retain this service in town.

County Hall still has a very uncertain future; it would be so difficult to adapt for modern uses. The owners have finally made some effort to protect it, especially in securing the roof.

Waterfront Markets have become regular attractions, making local people aware of this new area of growth. The first this year will be on Sunday, 26 May, for food, gifts, etc.

New bus shelters are being installed along some major routes in town. Unlike the ones they replace, there are simple seats for passengers, who will be able to see the bus coming!

IBC' parking charges, reduced before Christmas, are retained for a longer period. Charges are very comparable with those of 'rival' towns - e.g. Crown Car Park has often been full.

An ice house (used for storing food before refrigerators) has been rediscovered in Holywells Park. It will be fully restored if the Heritage Lottery Fund bid for the whole park succeeds.

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