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of Ipswich Willis Building (Grade I)

Newsletter, January 2014 (Issue 194)

Slide Collection to Flickr

The Ipswich Society's Slide Collection, not to mention three other donated slide collections, have now been uploaded to our Flickr website

...and the long story of this most valuable Ipswich heritage resource (as told in our October issue) is reaching its final chapter. Clearly the addition of title, caption and search tags (not to mention online comments from browsers, which are already appearing) to each image is an important part of making them accessible and we have already recruited some volunteers to help us.

We would welcome further assistance as there are over 6,000 images on the site so volunteers who can spend an hour or two are encouraged to contact our Hon.Secretary (email: secretary@ipswichsociety.org.uk). Once the work is done on each photograph, that image could respond to an appropriate web search from anywhere in the world and our collections will become more widely known and consulted. This resource really does provide a fascinating insight into the changing town over the decades and perhaps some buildings, local geography and features you've completely forgotten about.

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