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Newsletter, January 2014 (Issue 194)

Suffolk Local History Council

The SLHC acts as an umbrella organisation for local history groups and organisations throughout the county. It hosts a variety of events, including an annual lecture, a conference and the ever popular Societies Day. Its Journal, Suffolk Review, is published twice a year along with the SHLC Newsletter. The Ipswich Society is a member of the SHLC with a representative on their Executive Committee. Ruth Serjeant, who has ably filled this role for the past thirteen years, retired at their AGM in November and so we are looking for someone to fill this role.

If you are interested in local history and could attend the SHLC Committee meetings, which are held in Ipswich every two months, this could be the job for you. The Ipswich Society Committee would require a regular report and/or you could put an occasional article into our Newsletter. Have a look at the SHLC web site for more information (http://www.slhc.org.uk/about_us.html ) and then contact me if you are interested. Meanwhile, a big thank you to Ruth for all her hard work on behalf of The Ipswich Society.

Caroline Markham (secretary@ipswichsociety.org.uk)

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