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Newsletter, April 2014 (Issue 195)

The Cobbold Family History Trust

"I thank the Ipswich Society for a most generous donation in support of the Friends of The Cobbold Family History Trust campaign. It gives me more pleasure than you can imagine to welcome the Society as a Foundation Benefactor.

Of course, I am pleased with the financial element of your support (as all the campaign costs were met in advance, every penny donated goes directly to the cause), but I am additionally excited by two other factors.

I judge that many members of my family who have gone before us, and who loved Ipswich, would be delighted to know that their contribution to the Borough continues to be recognised, recorded and appreciated.

Also, as a relatively recent newcomer to Ipswich, and sadly only a part-timer, I interpret the Society's support as something of an endorsement for what I am seeking to achieve, and I must add that there is no quarter from which I would rather it came.

The Cobbold who is really at the heart of the family is John Cobbold (1746-1835) who we now refer to as 'Big' John Cobbold. He is the one who married twice and had 22 children!... [Here is] a silhouette image of him with his great-grandchild (1834) which I feel says 'family' in a rather charming and simple way."

Anthony Cobbold

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