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Newsletter, April 2014 (Issue 195)

Chariots of fire

For it is written:

In the beginning, red buses moved upon the face of Suffolk, and green buses served the people of Ipswich.

And the red buses brought forth the people from the distant places of Suffolk, that they might worship in the temples of the town - Debenhams, Woolworths and all others of that ilk.

Also the red buses did take the people of Ipswich and deliver them into outer darkness, yea, even unto Lowestoft and Bury-St-Edmunds.

And the red buses and the green buses were fruitful and multiplied and there was peace in the land.

But the minister of transport looked down from on high and said that change must come.

He spake, saying, "All buses shall be equal in the sight of the minister, but the red buses shall be First among equals and shall henceforth change their colour.

And the green buses, that have served the people of Ipswich faithfully since the time of Moses, shall become a business and shall also be seen in new colours. And the business shall be called 'Ipswich Buses'.

And the buses that I have decreed to be First among equals shall be allowed to take the people away from wherever they may find them waiting, yea, even unto those who desired to travel in an Ipswich bus."

And the people of Ipswich were sore afraid.

For it came to pass that, one day, as the people of Belstead Estate, in Ipswich awaited at the appointed place for an Ipswich bus, there came a First bus first. And there was, among those at the appointed place, much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And the driver of the First bus spake unto them, saying, "I will carry thee, even unto the shops and moneylenders within the city."

And lo, the people became angry, and turned the other cheek, and stood back, withholding their bus passes. Seeing their wish to smite him, the driver of the First bus did close his doors and disappear over the horizon.

Ere the passing of a short time, did come unto the people waiting, a proper Ipswich bus, and all was well in the land. And the Ipswich bus did follow the empty First bus, throughout the town, even unto Tower Ramparts.

And the people of Ipswich spoke unto the Minister of Transport, "Hear us, O minister, we beseech thee, issue a new contract, saying that the First shall be last".

To be continued...

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