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Newsletter, July 2014 (Issue 196)


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Continuing a theme of last issue's editorial, this seems to be the period of the reborn church. In May the ongoing major renovation of St Mary-at-the-Quay was interrupted by a visit and tour which included three members of the Society's Executive Committee. The photographs below are a taster for a full article in the next issue; it was a privilege to view craftsmanship at work which will result in our finest double hammer beam roof, not to mention the other parts of the church, in fine fettle for a new use under the auspices of Suffolk Mind and others.

One should also mention the church of St Michael in Upper Orwell Street, burnt down in 2011 and struggling to re-roof and revive itself as a community centre (see our back page). There are promising signs too at the Mariners' Church: St Clement in Star Lane with a group forming around people from UCS and CSV with the aim of creating an Ipswich Art Centre there. I am sure that we will be covering all these projects in future issues.

As each Newsletter print deadline approaches, there seem to be more and more matters of importance to include. The latest is that East Anglian estate agent John Howard (Fine & Country) and his partner have purchased Block A of the unfinished Regatta Quay development on the northern quays. You will know the building better as the Wine Rack and the intention is to complete the 150 flats within 18 months.

My sincere thanks to all our Newsletter contributors.

R Gaylard

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