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Newsletter, October 2015 (Issue 201)

The Society's Awards Evening

Members of the Society will be pleased to hear that this year's annual awards will take place on Wednesday 18 November; we'll be back at St Peter's by the Waterfront.

You may remember last year that we had insufficient entries to hold an award scheme; however, including those small number from last year and the several new and renovation building projects during the past last year we are hoping for a good evening.

Schemes will have been visible from the public highway, including footpaths, and have met our criteria for judging. These include architectural quality: works which are in character with the surroundings or form a focal point and have impact. We may have seen improvement to an original building or its setting, bearing in mind the scale, detailing, colour and sympathetic, well-considered and appropriate materials. Crucially, we will have seen good quality workmanship and standard of finish, whilst setting a good standard for others to follow.

Our panel of adjudicators will spend a busy October viewing the nominations before deliberating lengthily over the final choices.

We are grateful for the participation of members in the nomination of buildings and projects.

Tony Marsden

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