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7 March 2013

12/00877 & 13/00019 : 211 Rushmere Road
A fresh application to demolish a house and replace with 2 x 4 bed room houses has been made. The first application was for a frankly modern house which was refused. The architect came back with a second application for two, lower, smaller houses with no loft windows. However, the major problem is the plot size which, in this location is one of large houses and gardens, built in the last 80 years. By modern standards, it's large enough plot to take one six bedroom house and a triple garage but tight for two four bedroom detached. There has been a good deal of concerted local objection with as many as twenty written responses, many of them members and led by Clifford Smith ( former chief planner and chief executive of SCC and the Society's January winter lecturer). The Officers could find no reason not to recommend approval and the Committee agreed voting 6-4 in favour.

12/00940 : 15 The Avenue
The applicant wishes to demolish a Peter Barefoot designed house of the mid fifties and replace with two new higher houses. A member contacted us to support her objections. I looked into it in some detail. It is not in the Park Conservation Area and not locally listed. Peter Barefoot's own house nearby is locally listed. We felt 15 The Avenue to be of little architectural merit, and thus there can be no objection to demolition. However, the site is not big enough to take two five bedroom detached houses. This is over development and smaller less prominent houses which do not overlook, or interfere with the neighbours light are required. This view was supported by the Ipswich Design and Conservation Panel; the P&D Committee refused the application on the grounds of loss of privacy (being less than 12m from 20 Elsmere Road) as well as its height and mass. I think the applicant will probably reapply with a different design in due course.

12/00700OUT Tolly Cobbold Brewery, Cliff Quay
A developer has put together a big scheme to restore the listed Victorian brewery, build a hotel and apartments, and a retail development with on-site car parking. All of this depends on obtaining an retailer to occupy the large supermarket space. The architect is John Lyall (who designed Cranfield's 23 storey Mill) and the quality is good. This is an outline application and so will almost certainly get altered in the course of time. Two selling points are that there is space for Ipswich Transport Museum (who lease at Cobham Road expires in a few years) and for The Suffolk Archives which could include the Cobbold family archives. Additionally the developer could convert a large space in the Old Brewery into a 300 seat conference hall. A condition is that restoration of the badly vandalised brewery buildings will be carried out first. The developer seems confident he has one of the big supermarkets on board.

13/00004 : The Emperor Pub Norwich Road
Unfortunately, no planning permission is required for change of use from Pub to retail so all of the arguments about The Pub as such are irrelevant. The only permission sought was:

  1. to build an extension in the back yard for which there is no valid reason to refuse the planning application and
  2. build a car park of 11 spaces with an entrance for a rigid truck to enter forwards and make a 3 point turn and to leave forwards.

This they have probably achieved and the Committee could only request a condition that deliveries were done in the early morning and late at night. Thus the two global firms involved, Tesco and Punch Taverns, are able to maximise their profits perfectly within the law but against the wishes of the majority of the local population.

The Pub has this week achieved Community Asset Status under the Localism Act but this confers no planning immunity, except a six month delay. The Committee had to come to the decision they did though I suspect their heart wasn't in it. Both Clrs C Jones and A Cann spoke, supporting Fraser Yates, against the application.

12/00980 47 St Nicholas Street
Permission has been granted for the insertion of a "pod" into the ground floor shop space for a commercial medical travel clinic that would offer advice and preventative medicines to travellers. The new owner intends to retire to the first floor flat.. Unfortunately on the morning of the proposed exchange of contracts, a car demolished the post at the entrance corner; luckily, Hilary Brightman had, during its extensive restoration by the Ipswich Building Preservation Trust, redesigned it so that it had no structural significance. The corner post has since been reinstated.

12/00936 : The New Wolsey Theatre
The Twentieth Society and we feel that this Ipswich's 2nd best 1970's building (after Willis) and thus any alterations must be at least as good as the original design. Two further extensions were approved, both of which are essential to the continuing good functioning of the Theatre. The first, on the Civic Drive side is small to accommodate a lift for the disabled to access the first floor back stage areas; this fine and fits seamlessly into its elevation. The second much larger one, is for an enlarged technical area and is in the Theatre's rear car park. This we don't feel has been handled well, particularly where the roof, which is to be flat, fails to marry and continue successfully the very interesting roof slopes and angles of the original. We are sorry that, in granting permission the P&D Committee did not follow the advice of the Design and Conservation Panel and seek a review of this part of the proposals. (Ironically, joint architect of the Theatre, George Finch died on February 13th, the day of the decision!) (the Theatre Architect was Roderick Ham).

12/00639 Tesco, Grafton Way
Consideration deferred (until 27th March) for unknown reasons.

12/00429 Old Fire Service HQ Colchester Road
The developers (Hopkins Homes) have successfully claimed that the original section 106 was non viable. It has now been agreed that there should 17 affordable housing units on site plus £120,292 contribution for off-site affordable housing provision, plus £20,738 open space contribution, plus £1000 for a fire hydrant.

St Georges House, St Matthews Street
(This is the parade of shops that include Blockbuster) A three year reapplication with minor changes (not shown) for the development of very sheltered housing, commercial space and a hotel.

Holywells Park
Five separate applications for refurbishments of various buildings inc' the Stable Block and Orangery together with new park gates in connection with the Park Refurbishment with, hopefully, a Heritage Lottery Grant. Report next month.

There have been 72 applications during February but none major.

Mike Cook
7th March 2013

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