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Listed Buildings
of Ipswich Christchurch Mansion (Grade 1)

Newsletter, January 2003 (Issue 150)

Obliterate it Quickly

Graffiti is not unique to this country. Towns in Holland and North Germany, to name but two, also seem quite badly afflicted. It's worth saying that Ipswich is better in this respect than many other towns in Britain. Even so, recent graffiti on cable telecommunications boxes and post boxes in Ipswich is unsightly.

Sadly, those responsible for the boxes don't act quickly. Authorities which do clean up the mess quickly soon deter the vandals who won't waste paint on something that will only advertise their presence for a day or two. The side walls of the Ancient House in St Stephen's Lane show the effectiveness of a quick clean up. Long may that continue. Most people surely find it refreshing where graffiti is rare or even absent in a town. You feel that the environment is respected and thought to be as important as your own house.

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