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Newsletter, October 2003 (Issue 153)


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I wrote in the July Newsletter, "I've no idea what the summer will be like." Now we know. It's been the driest warmest summer since 1976 creating various records including the highest ever recorded temperature in Ipswich on 10 August; 35. 1' C, or, if you prefer, the more impressive sounding 95.2' F. When you receive this October Newsletter, it may be raining at last, in which case I hope you'll find plenty of time at home to read it and find much of interest in it.

Best wishes for both park and pool
I should be delighted to see both Christchurch Park and Broornhill Pool restored to their former glory, And I guess that most members of our Society would agree. Like-minded people everywhere must have been disappointed to see our local newspaper implying that the Borough Council should treat this as an "either ... or". It wrote: "Is it right to seek millions to restore Christchurch Park as Broomhill continues to decay?" This might encourage readers to assume quite wrongly that the millions from the Lottery could be transferred from one project to another. Surely we should welcome the news that the bid for Heritage Lottery money for the park, N ears in preparation, is apparently going well - and that the newly formed Broomhill Pool Trust (see page 4) will be making similar efforts with the help of local authorities to raise funding?

Wonders of our industrial past
I have been able to borrow a 1932 booklet extolling the range of manufacturing firms in Ipswich and their even bigger range of products. I have also been introduced to the very impressive Long Shop Museum in Leiston based on, and at, the former engineering firm of Garretts. Putting these two experiences together, I wonder whether Ipswich's incredibly rich industrial past can ever be displayed adequately in the town. We have the admirable Ipswich Transport Museum and the Ransomes display at the Museum of East Anglian Life, Stowmarket, but this is only part of the story. The "visitor attraction" referred to on page 3 should have many other demands on its space.

Contributions to the next Newsletter are always welcome. The deadline is 20 November.

NEIL SALMON 16 Warrington Road, Ipswich, IPI 3QU.

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