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Newsletter, January 2004 (Issue 154)

Area Forums: Please Use

Most of you will have received a leaflet from the Borough Council announcing the setting up of Area Forums. These are part of the Council's One-Ipswich, a Community Strategy - "the overall plan that brings together key services in the town to meet local people's needs."

Your Executive Committee considers that these forums could become influential in future decision making and consequently we would encourage members of the Society to attend meetings of the particular Area Forum for their own area. The five areas are based on groupings of local government wards:

  • North-West — Whitton, Whitehouse, Castle Hill
  • North-East — Rushmere, St John's, Bixley
  • South-East — Gainsborough, Priory Heath, Holywells
  • South-West — Gipping, Stoke Park, Sprites, Bridge
  • Central — Alexandra, St Margaret's, Westgate
Another part of the Community Strategy is the creation of six Thematic Panels, namely: Access and Faimess, Culture and Learning, Environment and Transport, Crime and Disorder, Economy and Regeneration, Health and Well-being. The Society will seek to be represented on all or most of these Panels.
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