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Listed Buildings
of Ipswich Wolsey's Gate (Grade I)

Newsletter, July 2004 (Issue 156)

New Listed Buildings

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It is very pleasing to know that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has acknowledged the importance of two more Ipswich buildings. The Church of St Mary at Stoke has been re-classified from Grade II to Grade I. The Department's very detailed Schedule refers to it as "A fine 14th-15th century church with an outstanding hammerbeam roof in the north aisle (formerly the nave). The 19th century rebuilding is mostly by Butterfield and there are good fittings and stained glass." St Mary at Stoke therefore joins St Margaret's and the Unitarian Meeting House as Grade I religious buildings in Ipswich.

In addition the DCMS has Listed for the first time as Grade II No. 121 London Road. This is described as "a little-altered small Regency villa which retains original fenestration and many finely detailed interior features." The Schedule points out that this area, known as "Mile End", was laid out in the early 19th century as a small isolated development of 16 houses on what was then the main London road, and the house is marked on the first available map, of 1847.

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