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Newsletter, January 2008 (Issue 170)

Recent Planning Matters

The Society's response to recent planning applications:

Timber storage yard, Toller Road: erection of 6 storey block of 20 apartments.

"At present our main concern is that this is a change of use from employment to residential. There appears to be sufficient apartments in the planning pipeline for the market, whereas employment land is starting to run out. It is conveniently close to the outer docks and, for residents, it would be an isolated block surrounded by high industrial use... If it is decided to allow change of use we have no objections to the design."

"Island site", Greyfriars Road: 4 storey block of 14 flats

The Society feels that a tall development on this site is going to gradually enclose St Peter's Church as a preserved kernel surrounded by big massy modern buildings. It is vital that an absolute limit of four storeys is set here and it is made absolutely clear that no increase would be granted in the event that the site plus planning permission is sold on.

Gym and Trim, Lower Orwell St: 3-4 storey block of student accommodation

"This further proposal might at first seem more reasonable as the new building occupies a lower proportion of the area available. It is obviously conceived to "fit in" with the neighbouring buildings. However there are no early 19th century terraces in the area... The addition of false chimneys is the crowning touch... Their only use would be to attach satellite dishes! Are our students to be brought up with such a terrible level of design, thought and inspiration? We would ask that the developer returns to the drawing board."

1 Benezet Street: 7 town houses of 3 and 4 storeys

"When the Society reluctantly conceded that the existing buildings were not suitable for conversion to residential property... we did not expect the replacement of buildings to reach a satisfactory level of design... It really is a very poor pastiche which maximises the number of residences on the site whilst keeping to the building regulations with very small buildings. The Committee will be doing Ipswich a favour if they reject this and ask the developers to get a properly executed architectural design." (IBC approved design.)

85-87 Fore Street: erection of 3 and 4 storey building for student accommodation

"This proposal is very interesting in how it deals with the flood risk assessment by having the ground floor of near two storey height, and using it as offices and stores. We hope that the space will be found to store students' belongings securely during the vacation, thus saving them from being transported from home every term. We fear that on the Fore Street faade the height to the first floor will play badly adjacent to the Lord Nelson. We would ask that the architects devise methods to ameliorate this before permission is granted."

Co-op garage Burrell Road: change of use from vehicle sales and filling station to temporary surface car park with 130 spaces

"The Society objects in principle to any increase in car parking in the town centre as it only serves to increase the number of cars, causing more congestion, CO2 production and impeding public transport. If the owners of the site are so undecided as to how to develop it, perhaps they should be asked to donate the profits to traffic improvement schemes. In any event, permission should be granted for the shortest possible time."

34 Foundation Street: erection of 4 storey office extension

"We have no objections to an office building on this site. However, we think the design utilising metal cladding is inappropriate in this area; further, the fenestration is unsatisfactory.

150 Norwich Road: installation of wrought iron gates

"We would like to congratulate the owners of this fine house on their efforts to regenerate the entrance with well designed metalwork. It will be an example to the community how this sort of work improves the townscape for all, not just the owners. It is particularly important that this type of work is carried out in this difficult area."

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