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Newsletter, April 2008 (Issue 171)

A Northern By-pass?

The Society opposes the Northern By-pass on the following grounds:

  • The proposed rationale is to provide a relief route to the Orwell Bridge; we need to have traffic figures to confirm that a substantial number of users of the by-pass would otherwise have gone through Ipswich when the bridge is shut; presumably these would only be going from Felixstowe to the north and vice versa.
  • An A14 block does not occur sufficiently often to justify a new route.
  • The actual delays around the Star Lane gyratory system need to be quantified; currently at rush hours several minutes are lost but we need to know how many would have used a northern by-pass.
  • All new roads generate more traffic, which is clearly not sustainable in any sense of the word for the foreseeable future.
  • The new road would go through an area of green countryside which is largely untouched.
  • It would be vehemently opposed by all residents north of the Borough, thereby creating an unpleasant town versus country atmosphere.
  • It is not in Suffolk CC's Transport Plan and hence not in the Highways Agency's long term plans. There is thus no funding, as stated above.
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