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Newsletter, October 2008 (Issue 173)

Blue Plaque Fame Spreads

A contact made through our secretary led to an interesting meeting in June. Three members of the Executive of the Woodbridge Society met with Tony Marsden to discuss our Society's policies and practices to do with the placement of our Blue Plaques. They went on a short tour of our plaques and coffee at St Lawrence's afterwards.

Although the weather was unpleasant, the walk and exposure to the sites of interest as well as the new building along the Waterfront was of great interest to our visitors. They were impressed with the work done for the new brochure but loudly applauded the Plaque scheme itself, pursued for the Millennium celebration by Neil Salmon. They were able to go away with clear indicators about our activities and with some firm plan to implement their own scheme in Woodbridge. We look forward to the start of a celebration of the worthies of Woodbridge in the near future.

Tony Marsden

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