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Newsletter, January 2011 (Issue 182)

Heritage Open Days 2010

Heritage Open Days 11-12 September 2010

Heritage Open Days in 2010 were very successful, and from the feedback I have received there was an increase in visitors. Yet again, the fine weather that weekend certainly helped. There were 26 buildings participating representing seven centuries in the history of Ipswich.

The Ipswich Transport Museum participated again, supplying a vintage bus to link between some of the properties. Over 300 people used the bus, and there were visitors from America, Hampshire, Norfolk, Essex and Yorkshire, who were all delighted and impressed with the variety of buildings to visit in Ipswich during the weekend.

Isaac Lord's opened their Machine Room for the first time and had over 600 visitors. This was far more than they were expecting and they had to put on extra tours. St Stephen's Church, the Tourist Information Centre, were fully booked for their tours and they had 1200 visitors to the Centre. St Peter's Church, which is now converted into a heritage centre, rehearsal and concert venue, attracted 579 visitors. The Willis building had 1008 visitors and the Custom House 1000.

The Heritage Open Days for 2011 will be as usual the second weekend in September. So those who missed the 2010 event will have the chance to visit all 26 buildings, a few of which I have mentioned.

Dianne Hosking

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