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Newsletter, January 2012 (Issue 186)

Shorts of all Sorts

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The Council's Solar Panels
IBC is proposing to install solar panels on several publicly owned buildings. These should save costs on the Council's energy bills. One obvious intended location is the south facing roof of Crown Pools where flocks of pigeons currently enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Useful coach service
A 24 hour service from Ipswich OCM bus station to Stansted and Heathrow has re-started. Run by National Express and Galloways with six new coaches it also calls at Colchester bus station.

A colourful sight
A variable colour lighting scheme has been set up to illuminate the buildings at the west end of the Waterfront, from The Mill tower to the old Paul's silo. In the evening this brings a welcome attraction to the unfortunately dead end (apart from the Dance House) of the Waterfront. Funded by the Arts Council it will run for two years.

Ipswich made
Kocewek, the Ipswich based firm which makes demolition machines, has produced a 67m tall monster for a job in Glasgow. Their machines also demolished the 'indestructible' concrete silos on the Waterfront. Although very much smaller (70 employees) than Ransomes and Rapier used to be when they built giant cranes, it's good to know that a big machine can still be produced in Ipswich.

At least 48 languages are reported to be in use in Suffolk - foreign languages not varieties of Suffolk speech! This is according to police records on the various translators needed. This extraordinary number is headed by Poles, followed by Lithuanians and Russians. Most of these languages are probably to be heard in Ipswich streets and shops.

Come and park here
Parking charges at Crown car park are scheduled to be reduced from January for a six month trial period. At £2.50 for two hours this is intended to attract more shoppers and other visitors.

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