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Newsletter, April 2013 (Issue 191)

Editorial: Farewell & Welcome

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This is my last Newsletter as Editor. My first effort, Number 100 of July 1990, seems a long time ago now. In those 23 years there have been changes in The Ipswich Society but very much more so in society at large - in economics, politics and in many people's life-styles. I hope you will have found many things of interest in our Newsletters. One problem editors often face is shortage of material, but I'm pleased to say that's never been the case with The Ipswich Society. Because we are a Society with a broad base of interests - virtually anything to do with the well-being of our dear old town - the quantity and variety of contributions almost look after themselves. But I have also been mindful that 'shorts', 'snippets' and 'news and comment' are useful additions to more sustained articles, partly because busy readers might not have time for a lot of steady reading and partly because items picked up from the local press or from conversations with people 'in the know' may not have been published elsewhere.

Members might like to know that all our Newsletters are kept by Suffolk Record Office where I feel sure they constitute an archive of many intriguing facts and opinions about the town which future researchers could find useful.

I am really delighted to say that Robin Gaylard has readily agreed to take over as Editor of the Newsletter. At my suggestion, he has written the following little self-introduction, but I should like to say first that I am confident he will be an ideal editor for the Society. He has shown elsewhere a deep and detailed knowledge of aspects of the town's heritage and as a graphic artist he will be able to create and oversee interesting developments of our Newsletter. Moreover, some members will find it easier to contact Robin than it has been to contact me. A warm welcome to Robin!

Neil Salmon

Robin Gaylard has been involved with community and radical publications since his youth, notably The Waveney Clarion, the long-lived paper born out of the fairs movement and covering north Suffolk and south Norfolk. He recently built a website celebrating the Clarion. He has written and made illustrations and cartoons for these and many other publishers over the years and has published his own graphic novel. He is a qualified librarian and specialised in film, music and spoken word materials for Suffolk libraries. He is interested in local history and issues affecting Ipswich and Suffolk, also antique wall-signs and advertisements. He has been a member of the Society since 2000.

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